The 1010 hectares of dense woods, the vegetation, the beautiful views, the tranquility and the fresh air make the Llogara National Park one of the most spectacular parks in Albania. The whole area on Mount Llogara, between Rreza and Kanalit and Mount Çika, southeast of the bay of Orikum, was proclaimed in 1966 protected and received the status of a National Park, including all the forests on the north side of the pass from a height of 470 meters to 2018 meters above sea level. This park located about 40 km south-east of Valona, where the Adriatic Sea becomes the Ionian Sea, is one of the largest parks in Albania.

On the road, amazing day Llogara National Park

On the road – Llogara National Park

Driving along the national highway in southern Albania, you will be able to enjoy all its natural beauty, endless conifer woods, pines and plains that create chromatic harmony. Admire this wonderful panorama and go in search of one of the Natural Monuments of the area, the Flag Pine. This pine is about 100 years old, belongs to the Pinus Nigra type and its shape is the result of the action of the southeast winds. Besides the natural beauty, the Llogara National Park is the habitat of a rich wildlife like roe deer, squirrels, wild boars, wolves, foxes and various species of birds of prey.

A family of deers Llogara National Park

A family of deers – Llogara National Park

discovering the beautiful llogara national park

Discovering – Llogara National Park

The climate is typical of mountain areas, with cool summers and winters with heavy snowfall, the average annual temperature fluctuates between 16 ° C and 18 ° C. If you want to take a break from the summer heat of the beaches of the Riviera or from the Albanian cities, this park is the ideal place. The freshness during the day offers great possibilities for eco-tourism, hiking and trekking. Thanks to the combination of mountain and sea air, the Llogara National Park is an ideal destination for air sports and the gliding site hosts many international competitions. For those who simply want to relax and unwind in the green they could also take advantage of the excellent local dishes prepared with organic raw materials such as arapashi, kukurecet, grilled meat, yogurt with walnuts and much more.

Skydiving at Llogara Pass – Albania

Skydiving at Llogara Pass – Albania

Amazing view on Palase beach, Llogara National Park Albania

View on Palasë beach – Llogara National Park

Before the top of the Llogara Pass, on the side of the splendid Çika mountain you can have a spectacular view of the Palase beach, a strip of deserted sand that is 1.5 km away. Going on towards the road you pass along the famous Llogara Pass, an impressive serpentine that reaches 1017 meters and overlooks the beautiful Albanian Riviera. This step is the only link between the Gulf of Vlora and the Dukat valley with the Albanian Riviera. At about 1000m above sea level, you can enjoy a breathtaking view; I still remember the first time I saw this scenario: white beaches, citrus fruit and the sea that becomes one with the sky. Spectacular!

Amazing view from Llogara Pass - Albania

The amazing view from Llogara Pass – Albania

Beautiful sunset Llogara Pass Albania

Sunset – Llogara Pass

The first village immediately after the Llogara pass is Palasa, small stone houses that overlook a large beach formed by the now dry torrent of Palasa. This village was known in antiquity with the name of Paleste and here, in the second century B.C save the legions of Caesar. In the village there are many place names that recall the event such as the Pass of Caesar e or the White Streets. From the Pass of Caesar you can admire the Karaburun peninsula, the Dukat countryside and the Orikum bay. For history buffs not far from the center of the village of Dukat is the Tower of Dervish Aliu, a house built in the beginning of the XIX century to provide protection to villages and to serve as shelters in difficult times of attack or war. Instead, if you choose to continue towards the south, surrounded by olive groves and citrus fruits, there is the village of Dhermi, a popular and very frequent tourist destination for its beautiful turquoise water beach.

Towards the villages - Llogara pass

Towards the villages – Llogara pass

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