Even today I perceive the uncertenty of people on safety in Albania. Yes, it is a destination that is not known enough, the information on this country is not always exhaustive and the experience of Europe’s most enduring communist regime has left its mark, but is it really dangerous?

Mangalem district - Berat, Albania

Mangalem district – Berat

It is not a walk in the favelas of Rio or an excursion in the jungle of Borneo but a journey to a very quiet, generous and hospitable country. Perhaps, to make Albania seen as dangerous, have contributed the decades of political isolation, the fears and prejudices that the great emigration of the nineties has aroused or perhaps Hollywood films, but in Albania you are less exposed to the risk of petty crime than in other European cities, and violent crime is extremely rare.

Unlike other countries, where there are conflicts between different religions, Albania is incredibly tolerant. Christianity and Islam coexist peacefully and inter-religious marriages are quite common. People are friendly, hospitable, cordial and family oriented. This coexistence is also reflected in the popular traditions and architecture of historic cities, representing one of the most precious elements of the country’s cultural heritage.

Walking around - Tirana, Albania

Walking around – Tirana

The Albanians love foreigners, they are enterprising, generous and caring nation with the people of the world. English and Italian are widely spoken among young people, but even if they do not know how to answer you in your language they will do everything to be helpful.

Explore Albania in a respectful way and enjoy this wonderful country.

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